Azure ADFS Identity Provider

Azure ADFS SAML 2.0 Configuration

Create Azure AD Enterprise Application

Note: Make sure that the Azure domain is an exact match to the e-mail domain used to register a tenant in IT-Conductor. Users with mismatched email domains will not be able to auto-provision in IT-Conductor

In the Azure Portal, navigate to Azure Active Directory → Enterprise Applications → New Application.

Don't try to locate an existing one but click + Create your application.

  1. Assign users and groups

  2. Click Get Started in "Set up single sign on".

Click on SAML to configure.

Fill in the fields as described on the SSO Setup:

Click Federation Metadata XML Download to export the metadata to a file.

Import the metadata into IT-Conductor to create an Identity Provider definition as described in SSO Setup.

Click Test to validate SSO Configuration.

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