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Azure ADFS Identity Provider

Azure ADFS SAML 2.0 Configuration

Create Azure AD Enterprise Application

Note: Make sure that the Azure domain is an exact match to the e-mail domain used to register a tenant in IT-Conductor. Users with mismatched email domains will not be able to auto-provision in IT-Conductor
In the Azure Portal, navigate to Azure Active Directory → Enterprise Applications → New Application.
Don't try to locate an existing one but click + Create your application.
Figure 1: Create Your Own Application Wizard
Figure 2: Application Setup
  1. 1.
    Assign users and groups
  2. 2.
    Click Get Started in "Set up single sign on".
Figure 3: IT-Conductor SSO Configuration
Click on SAML to configure.
Figure 4: SAML Configuration
Fill in the fields as described on the SSO Setup:
Figure 5: SAML Configuration with actual values
Click Federation Metadata XML Download to export the metadata to a file.
Import the metadata into IT-Conductor to create an Identity Provider definition as described in SSO Setup.
Click Test to validate SSO Configuration.