SAP CCMS Alert Monitoring

While monitoring is a critical component in the monitoring system, another key component that will provide visibility into the health of the system is called alerting. Alerting is an element of the monitoring system that triggers action whenever there are changes in the metric values. The main purpose of alerting is to bring attention to the current status of the system. Alerts should contain information on what is wrong and where to go for additional information.

The SAP Computing Center Management System or known as SAP CCMS is one of the tools in an SAP system that provides system-wide monitoring and produces alerts that will be beneficial in monitoring the whole SAP system. IT-Conductor provides 24-hour CCMS alerts that have been detected, monitored, and categorized. Automated templates are also available to create IT-Conductor alerts from the CCMS alerts.

How to Use 24-hour SAP CCMS Alerts by Categories

1. In the IT-Conductor dashboard, navigate to the SAP Systems. Click on the particular SAP System ID.

2. In the service grid, navigate to Overview. This will show the window for the different alerts that are being monitored in the IT-Conductor.

3. Scroll down and look for the CCMS Alerts (24 hours). The pie chart will show the breakdown of the different CCMS alerts for the last 24 hours.

4. By clicking on the different categories, you will be able to see all the available alerts from the CCMS for this particular system.

5. Choose a unique ID and you will be able to see the details of the actual alerts coming from SAP. You can see all the necessary fields populated by IT-Conductor from CCMS alerts.

How to Use Automated Templates to Create IT-Conductor Alerts from CCMS Alerts

In IT-Conductor, you can subscribe to automated CCMS alerts that can be saved into templates to be used in the future. Subscriptions can be modified and filtered by any available criteria of the template.

1. Within the CCMS Alert Categories window, choose a category that you want to subscribe to the automated alerts.

2. Click on the unique ID and click on the subscribe icon to create a template.


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