SAP Basis Automation

SAP Business Application Software Integrated Solution (SAP Basis) lays the foundation for SAP applications. It is an extensive set of middleware programs and tools that are specifically designed to ensure seamless interoperability of SAP applications across various systems and databases.

Automation plays a crucial role in SAP Basis operations especially with SAP landscapes becoming more complex as an organization grows.

What SAP Basis tasks can be automated?

Any task that is repetitive can be automated. In SAP Basis, some of these tasks include the following:

By automating these processes, organizations can reduce manual errors, accelerate task execution, and free up Basis administrators to focus on more strategic activities.

Workflow Automation

IT-Conductor utilizes a massively parallel processing engine to automate and orchestrate complex IT processes across open platforms and applications.

As a best practice, combine as many of the following elements of automation to increase the operational efficiency of managing enterprise application service levels:

  1. 360-degree view of the Application Environment

  2. Availability and Performance Monitoring

  3. Root Cause Analysis

  4. Time-synchronized Troubleshooting Context

  5. Service Impact Awareness

  6. Automated Admin Scripts and Jobs

  7. Self-healing Automated Recovery

  8. Digitized Complex IT Processes

  9. Synthetic Transaction Management

  10. Dynamic Service Level Management

See Ten Ways to Smart Application Performance Management for more details.


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