SAP Batch Job Monitoring for CCMS Alerts

SAP alerts are vital when monitoring and maintaining the health of the systems. IT-Conductor provides active monitoring of the status and performance of all scheduled jobs. Setting alerts for job failures is a basic requirement when monitoring alerts, but different correlated activities in the system need to be monitored, such as job scheduling, workload monitoring, delayed jobs, etc.

The IT-Conductor platform can monitor the alerts via the alert panel and get 24 hours overview and alert timeline. It can also create filters to enable exception handling and notification of jobs.

Monitoring SAP Batch Job Alerts using IT-Conductor Alert Panel

1. In the IT-Conductor dashboard, navigate to the Alert Panel.

Alert Panel will show several alert failures in terms of batch jobs. The SAP instances, what is the cause of the job failure, and the actual aborted jobs are available.

2. Choose one of the aborted jobs you want to review; you can see several areas such as message argument, job name, cause, etc.

The Related CCMS Alerts icon will show the CCMS-related alerts.

3. For any IT conductor alerts, you can click and see what generated it.

Monitoring CCMS Alerts in the Last 24 Hours

1. In the IT-Conductor dashboard, navigate to the SAP Systems. Click on the particular SAP System ID.

2. In the service grid, navigate to CCMS Alerts → Failed Batch Jobs.

3. By clicking on the preview of Failed Batch Jobs, it will show all the CCMS batch job alerts coming from the system. A portion of the actual CCMS batch job can be seen when clicking on the bar graph.

4. By clicking on the chart's title, it will show the timeline where you can change the intervals. In any bar, you click, actual alerts in that interval that failed can be viewed. This is a better way to check the number of job failures within the interval.

You can set a threshold and subscribe to an alert if you have a lot of batch job failures in a given time interval. This gives the ability not to look at individual alerts but at the frequency of alert failures.

Another way of monitoring CCMS alerts in the last 24 hours is by categories.

Monitoring CCMS Alert Timeline

1. In the IT-Conductor dashboard, navigate to the Alert Panel.

The cause information will show the details, such as the source of the alert/failure. This information is based on the details and criteria of the set alert subscription.

2. SAP batch jobs subscription can also be modified in this section.

Adding this becomes a criterion that once a matching event from SAP comes in, it will create an IT-Conductor alert that can be sent to notify yourself or the team.

How to Check the Active SAP Batch Job Subscriptions

1. In the IT-Conductor dashboard, navigate to Management → Automation → Object Templates.

2. This will show all the active subscriptions in the system.


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