Security Role Import

IT-Conductor NW (ABAP) interface interacts with the SAP System via Remote Function Module calls (RFC). The IT-Conductor SAP Monitoring account requires explicit authorizations to perform the RFCs. IT-Conductor supplies an importable SAP Security role that bundles all the necessary authorizations to simplify the account setup.

  1. Download the SAP NW Monitoring Role file in Support → Downloads → SAP Security Download.


SAP J2EE Monitoring Role

SAP J2EE Monitoring Role Import File


SAP NW BATCH Scheduling Role

SAP NW BATCH Scheduling Role Import File


SAP NW Monitoring Role

SAP NW BCSEN Monitoring Role Import File


SAP NW SLT Monitoring Role

SAP NW SLT Monitoring Role Import File


SAP NW STMS Management Role

SAP NW Transport System Management Role Import File


  1. Upload it into the SAP client using Profile Generator (transaction PFCG) to create the role.

  2. Review the Authorization Objects. Remove/modify those violating your security policies, then generate the profile and assign it to the account.

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