Team-Based Central SAP Download Manager

The integration of SAP Download Manager addresses the existing challenges in SAP Services delivery and support by centralizing the download process. It overcomes limitations associated with the traditional SAP Download Manager which has to be done individually by each user to their workspace and uploaded to systems and/or software repository. This integration is aimed at enhancing the operational efficiency of IT organizations and increasing security by centralizing management for files, as well as reducing storage by de-duplication.

Configure SAP Download Manager

  1. From the IT-Conductor Administrator Dashboard, click on SAP Download Managers.

  1. Click on the "+" icon to add a new entry:

  1. Fill in the following fields. The rest can be left as default.

  • Description - refers to this instance of the download manager as more than one can be supported via multiple IT-Conductor Gateways (Optional)

  • Organization - refers to an administrative structure that exists to define objects with a common goal or purpose (Optional)

Note: Select an organization if your tenant is an MSP that contains multiple organizations.

  • Role - refers to the environment of the resource being configured (Production by default)

  • Site - refers to a logical object that describes a particular area or location, depending on the context in which it is used (Optional)

Note: Select an option if Sites exist and you would like to locate the services under a particular logical site in IT-Conductor.

  • Gateway - allows communication between the customer's site network and the IT-Conductor cloud platform.


  • If multiple IT-Conductor Gateways exist, select the one where the filesystem is mounted and where the download will occur from SAP.

  • Please ensure the IT-Conductor Gateway user has read-write access.

  • Destination - refers to the filesystem where the IT-Conductor Gateway has mounted the storage for the downloads.

  1. Add the S-Users from your SAP Account.

  1. Click Save.


IT-Conductor offers a managed, multi-tenant SAP Download Manager solution that addresses these challenges and delivers several key advantages:

  • Server-Based Downloads - Add items to your SAP download basket and IT-Conductor will download them to a central location.

  • Deduplication - Individual basket items are downloaded only once, reducing redundancy and optimizing storage usage.

  • Central Repository - IT-Conductor centrally stores the downloads and gives the option to copy them to a network location of your choice.

  • Analytics - Gain insights into download activities with detailed statistics, including the number and size of downloads per user and type.

  • Storage Monitoring - IT-Conductor monitors storage usage for downloads and provides alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

  • Housekeeping - Automate the removal of downloads from the staging area if a central repository copy is configured, keeping your storage clean and organized.

  • License Compliance - All downloads and storage activities are performed on the customer's on-premises gateway, ensuring full compliance with SAP licensing requirements.

Standard IT-Conductor Features

IT-Conductor's SAP Download Manager integration offers standard features including:

  • Monitoring - Track multiple users' baskets, store size, and free space, ensuring visibility, and control.

  • Customizable Dashboard - Tailor the dashboard to your specific needs, displaying status and statistics in one place.

  • Thresholds and Alerts - Set up thresholds to monitor availability, storage usage, and download failures. Receive notifications for low disk space, performance issues, and more, delivered as HTML or PDF reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


By leveraging IT-Conductor's SAP Download Manager integration, organizations can benefit in the following ways:

  • Cost Savings - Reduce operational costs and save on storage space, network bandwidth, and lifecycle management.

  • Efficiency - Streamline deployment activities by using a common repository, reducing time and effort.

  • Scheduled Downloads - Use the IT-Conductor Scheduler for unattended downloads at convenient times without impacting network capacity.

  • Automated Cleanup - Set removal ages to automatically delete old files, ensuring a clutter-free storage environment.

See our Team-based Central SAP Download Manager blog post for more details.

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