Running IT-Conductor Gateway from CLI


If the IT-Conductor Gateway encounters a problem when starting from the IT-Conductor Gateway GUI, or when the service won't run with errors such as Error 1067 or Service Start Error, perform the troubleshooting guide discussed below.


  1. Make sure to check that the IT-Conductor Gateway can test connect successfully by launching IT-Conductor Gateway.

  1. If a successful connection was tested, run the IT-Conductor Gateway in manual command line mode to troubleshoot any error messages further.

  • cd <ITC Gateway Installation Directory> (e.g. cd C:\program files\it-conductor\agent)

  • Start the gateway: jre\bin\java -Xmx1000m -Ditconductor.diag=true -jar lib\Gateway.jar

  • Navigate to Management > Resources > Gateways and check the Gateway logs to verify if it runs successfully or is still with errors.

  • Check Heartbeat Age which should be small (in seconds) if connected and working. If not, check the logs and report the issue to the Support Team.

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