Inbound/Outbound Queue Restart Automation

The customer’s end-to-end business often requires the sending and receiving of transactions across SAP systems via synchronous/asynchronous messages stored in queues, otherwise known as qRFC/tRFC (queue/transactional Remote Function calls). Failures in this either on the inbound or outbound queues can cause delays and disruptions in critical business processes.

IT-Conductor allows users to automate the restarting of Inbound/Outbound (SYSFAIL, RETRY, CPIERR, and RUNNING) queues. It can be applied to one or more systems and can be run manually or on a schedule. This feature is highly adaptable to any customer environment and can become an essential component of IT maintenance operations.

Pre-requisite Requirements

  • The system should be registered in IT-Conductor for monitoring.

  • A Robot User should be created and associated with the application/DB/OS users with assigned roles/privileges to execute the local action on the system to be stopped/started.

  • The ownership of the process definition should be assigned to the Robot User.

  • The Robot User should be able to view the following recovery definitions when navigating to Management → Automation → Recover Definitions.

    • Reset Inbound tRfc Queue

    • Restart Inbound tRfc Queue

    • Restart Outbound tRfc Queue

Note: If the recovery definitions are not available for use, contact IT-Conductor Support.

How to Automate Inbound/Outbound Queue Restart

  1. Select the Inbound Queue to implement the restart automation.

  1. Click the Threshold Overrides icon.

  1. Select the targeted override.

  1. Configure the threshold and define the desired schedule for running the restart automation.

5. Select the desired recovery action in the Recovery dropdown menu.

Note: If the recovery definitions are not available for use, contact IT-Conductor Support.

  1. Configure to send a notification for this event. (Optional)

  1. Click Save to complete the restart automation.

How to View Recovery Activities

  1. Click the Recovery Activities Launched icon.

Access the technical description for restarting Inbound/Outbound Queues from SAP Notes:

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