Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management (APM) refers to the practice of monitoring and analyzing the overall health of software applications. It involves capturing various metrics, such as response times, resource utilization, and error rates, to gain insights into application performance and identify areas for optimization.

IT-Conductor APM is delivered as a full-service model covering configuration monitoring and performance analysis. By leveraging the power of the hosted service offering, IT-Conductor significantly reduces deployment complexities and ongoing maintenance, allowing full spectrum availability and performance management in a matter of hours even for highly intricate and large-scale environments.

By securely deploying a small IT-Conductor Gateway (proxy agent) within your network and leveraging best-practice application templates, automated and effective application monitoring and management become remarkably streamlined.

Complete SAP Ecosystem Monitoring

IT-Conductor seamlessly manages the whole SAP technology stack – from Front-End Services down to Cloud/Virtualization infrastructure: SAP NW (ABAP & Java), BusinessObjects, Hadoop, DBMS (HANA, Oracle, ASE, MaxDB, DB2), SAP Host Agent, Linux, VMWare, Azure, and AWS.

In-depth Application Management for major SAP Ecosystem Components: IT-Conductor is not a superficial tool – it is an in-depth end-to-end management platform – it goes as deep as customers need for any of the ecosystem elements.

See SAP Application Monitoring for more information.


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