SAP Systems Administrator Panel

In IT-Conductor, having an administrator role allows you to access the Administrator Dashboard and add various systems to be monitored. From the Administrator Dashboard, you can view all the existing systems, SMTP servers, Sites, and the Gateway(s) configured in IT-Conductor. By clicking on the “Create" button under any group of systems to be monitored, a wizard will launch, guiding you through the steps of adding a new system for monitoring.

How to Access the SAP Systems Administrator Panel

1. In the IT-Conductor main menu, navigate to Dashboards → Administrator.

2. In the Administrator Dashboard, locate the SAP System panel and click on SAP Systems to expand and show the features included for monitoring

SAP Systems Administrator Features

There are different features configured to monitor the SAP System environment remotely.



Refers to the list of NetWeaver systems being monitored.


Refers to the set of utilities for the administration and management of monitored systems.


Refers to the system roles such as Development, Quality, Production, etc.


Refers to the logical grouping of systems in IT-Conductor for admin and management purpose.


Refers to the piece of software required to be installed in the customer environment to enable the monitoring and management of systems by IT-Conductor.


Refers to the different Application Server types - AS ABAP, AS JAVA etc.

Maintenance Mode

This is used to suspend the monitoring of all system components.


Refers to the current health of the system based on several factors.


Refers to the monitoring state of the system. "Ready" status means that the system is inactive, while "In Progress" status means that system monitoring is active.

SAP Systems Toolbar

The toolbar shows additional properties for monitoring the configured SAP System.


Delete Object

Removes the system from IT-Conductor.

Application Log

Gives access to error logs, and other monitoring logs applicable to a particular system.

Show Application Grid

This takes you to the location of the System on the Service grid.


This is used for the collection of monitoring data. It is an intelligent, automated way to templatize the monitoring of systems.

SAP System Overview

This is a default application-specific dashboard that shows an overview of the system's availability status, CCMS alerts within 24 hours, service alerts, performance overview, and utilization charts.

RFC Destination Monitors

This monitors the SAP RFC Destination service to various target systems. It monitors the availability and latency of the RFC connections.

IDoc Error Monitors

This is SAP IDoc error document count Retriever that captures the IDoc errors received by the system. IDocs are used to transfer business transaction data/information from one SAP system to another and vice versa.

Maintenance Mode

Effectively suspends the monitoring of the application - no alerts, notifications, etc.

Scheduled Maintenance

An option to schedule the Maintenance Mode automatically.

Dialog Users Logged In

This displays in a chart the number of users logged into the system via the GUI.

Performance Overview

Gives time-synchronized charts such as response times, paging out, CPU and extended memory utilization, etc.

Utilization Overview

This is the Utilization Overview of ABAP work processes - dialog, batch, update, and spool utilization.

Application's Account

Refers to the specific account used to monitor the application.


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