IT-Conductor Gateway Setup for Linux

The IT-Conductor Gateway allows communication between the customer's site network and the IT-Conductor cloud platform. It must be connected successfully before any private customer systems can be monitored by IT-Conductor.

Installation Instructions

1. Log in to the provisioned Gateway VM.

2. Configure TIME_WAIT socket recycling. Edit "/etc/sysctl.conf" and add the following entries before saving:

net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout = 20
net.ipv4.tcp_tw_reuse = 1
net.core.somaxconn = 65535

3. Reload the settings using the command below:

# sudo sysctl -p

4. Navigate to the IT-Conductor menu: Support → Downloads → Gateway Downloads.

5. Download "" to a local directory.

• Install the RPM package. You should see the following output:

# sudo rpm -U itconductor-gateway-6-71.x86_64.rpm
Registering Service ...
Configuring Service Startup ...
IT-Conductor Gateway installed successfully

6. Edit "/opt/itconductor/conf/AGENT.XML" file. Replace the value holders as the following:

  • [ACCOUNTID] - This is the Service Account ID.

  • [APIKEY] - The API Key for the Service Account will be generated when the Service Account is created.

    • To obtain the Service Account ID and API Key, navigate to the IT-Conductor menu: Management → Security → Service Accounts.

  • [GATEWAYID] - This is the ID for one of the Gateways created by your administrator earlier.

    • To obtain the Gateway ID, navigate to the IT-Conductor menu: Management → Resources → Gateways.

If the proxy is used for connecting to the internet, update the values for the following keys:

<entry key="proxy">false</entry> <entry key="">[PROXY Host]</entry> <entry key="proxy.port">[PROXY Port]</entry>

Additionally, if the proxy requires authentication, add the following lines:

<entry key="">true</entry> <entry key="proxy.user">[PROXY User]</entry> <entry key="proxy.passwords">[PROXY Password]</entry>

7. Configure JRE; to verify that the default Java installation is Java 8 x64 JRE run the command below:

# java -version

You can download a tar version of OpenJDK JRE from the IT-Conductor site or from the Adoptium website.

  • Extract the file to the "/opt/itconductor/" directory.

  • Edit the "/opt/itconductor/conf/startup" file and replace the value to "java_path=./<JRE Directory>/bin/java".

8. Optionally configure the Gateway Maximum Heap Size. The default size is limited to 1500 MB.

  • Edit the "/opt/itconductor/conf/startup" file and add/replace the value to "xmx=4000m". This limits the heap size to 4000 MB.

9. Test the IT-Conductor cloud connectivity using the command below:

# curl -k

Usually, the call returns IT-Conductor home page HTML content. If the host or corporate firewall blocks the connection, the error message will be displayed.

10. To start the gateway, use the command below:

# sudo service itconductor-gateway start

11. To stop the gateway, use the command below:

# sudo service itconductor-gateway stop

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