BDoc Monitoring

BDocs, short for Business Documents, serve as containers for the data that constitute a business process, such as application messages or transactions. It is a concept specific to the SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

BDoc messages are internally transmitted within the CRM Server, facilitating communication between the CRM Application and the CRM Middleware, as well as between the CRM Server and CRM Mobile Clients, also known as Field Applications.

SAP ERP does not incorporate the concept of BDocs, thus preventing the exchange of BDoc messages between an SAP ERP system and SAP CRM. Instead, business data is encapsulated within containers when utilizing BAPI calls. Consequently, when exchanging data with SAP ERP, there are indeed outbound and inbound BDoc messages within the CRM Server, specifically to interact with the inbound and outbound ERP (R/3) adapters.

Configure BDoc for Monitoring

  1. In the IT-Conductor Service Grid, navigate to the system where you want to enable BDoc monitoring. Then click the object menu of the system.

  1. In the object menu, click Retrievers.

  1. In the Retrievers list, click the object menu of BDoc Errors. Then click Activate.

  1. Navigate to the system in the IT-Conductor Service Grid and expand the BDocs node to view the monitored object.

You also have the option to view BDocs in-error directly from the service grid.

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