SAP ASE Database Monitoring

IT-Conductor SAP ASE Monitoring helps to keep track of the availability, alerts, and performance metrics such as the spaces and engines of ASE database servers. Alerts and notifications are generated automatically depending on the configured thresholds. Performance graphs and report logs are available in an instant which makes it easier to monitor the system in real-time. You can also view the historical data depending on the selected time range.



Availability Monitoring is essential to determine whether an application or a particular service is running.

Error Logs

Any error logs in the ASE System are being captured and are time-synchronized. It provides a list of events/errors to look over.

Space Usage

It continually monitors the disk space consumed by the system processes as well as the free space.


It monitors data cache, including hit ratio, which is critical in improving application performance, especially when having multiple CPU systems or clusters.


Track and display the current condition of the database and monitor the critical metrics of the system, such as status, percent i/o busy, etc.

SQL Jobs

Another feature in monitoring the SAP ASE Database is to check/run the SQL Jobs.

The page will show the list of active SQL jobs. By clicking on the name of the job, it will show the important details, including the execution logs that automatically report the output.

By clicking the Restart Activity icon, you have the option to reprocess the job.

By clicking on the Log icon, the page will show the individual jobs where you can check the logs of the instances.


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