Definition of Terms


Process Composer

It is an integral component within IT-Conductor that enables the automation capabilities of the platform. It provides the interface to design and develop automation workflows by leveraging a drag-and-drop functionality where users can define the sequence of actions, dependencies, and conditional logic, all within a visually intuitive environment.

Process Definition

It is a template used for orchestrating various activities. It acts as a workflow automation framework that can be manually triggered to run or scheduled to automatically execute at a desired date and time.

It is composed of one or more activities that are woven together to create an automated workflow.


It is a component of a process definition that contains the actual task or operation. It contains various types of scripts, such as SQL, shell, Terraform, or Ansible scripts, which are executed to perform certain actions or manipulate data.

Each activity can also contain subprocesses that are also composed of one or more activities.


It refers to a smaller process that is part of a larger process. Each subprocess is composed of one or more activities, which contribute to the completion of the main process definition.

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