Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode (MM) suspends monitoring for all components when applied to a monitored system. It is propagated down the service tree, implying that when a Site enters MM, all its associated applications also enter MM. Similarly, when any element in the service tree enters MM, all its child elements are likewise placed in MM. Placing monitored systems in MM is primarily intended to facilitate planned outages.

  • Placing the IT-Conductor Gateway (GW) in MM triggers the suspension of monitoring for all systems assigned and handled by that specific GW.

  • When Threshold Overrides are put in MM, they are effectively disabled.

  • When Schedules are put in MM, all schedules are suspended.

  • When Object Templates are put in MM, template triggering is suspended.

  • When User, Group, or Role is put in MM, notifications are not sent to recipients.

Note: The calculation of system availability omits the time interval during which the system is in MM, ensuring no impact on SLO/SLA attainment.

Enable Maintenance Mode

There are several ways to enable MM for an object:


If an object supports MM, you should see an MM tool icon or find a "Maintenance On" object menu item. Initiating MM manually is logged in the audit trail and persists until the object is removed from MM, either manually or automatically.


Systems can be assigned a Maintenance Schedule. When the schedule is activated, the system enters MM. Similarly, when the schedule is deactivated, the system exits MM.

Warning: When the Maintenance Schedule is assigned, any manual or derived MM is ignored and overwritten.


Service tree elements can be linked to Maintenance Events to have them placed in MM and taken out of MM on schedule.

To set this up, click on the service "Events" tool or select the "Events" object menu item. This opens a list of assigned events.

To create a new event, maximize the popup and click on the "Maintenance Event" icon. This will trigger a wizard, guiding you through the creation process and prompting input for the start and end times.

At any point, you have the option to delete or terminate the ongoing event, effectively removing the object from MM.

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