Frequently Asked Questions

Does it support transport to other systems that are not part of the Transport Route?

Yes, additional process steps can be added to copy the transport data and co-files into the respective directory of the target system and added to the transport buffer during import.

What does transport automation do?

Transport Automation provides a customizable process to implement change and release management throughout the SAP landscape with minimal effort, complete confidence, total transparency, and most importantly, minimal risk.

How does transport automation work?

Transport Automation is a process that can be customized to include standard workflows and approvals that match the way your team works.

How does transport automation have an advantage over normal transport by SAP?

SAP default STMS is very much a manual SAP change and release that is not an easily repeatable process and particular care is required to ensure sequencing, dependencies, and so on.

What SAP security authorization is required for transport automation?

IT-Conductor provides a download of a custom STMS role file "STMS_ITCONDUCTOR.SAP" which should be imported using transaction PFCG to generate an authorization profile and assign it to the ITC transport automation user. The role uses authorization objects CTS_ADMFCTTABL and the program SAPLTMSM.

What user IDs do you have to share with IT-Conductor for transport automation?

IT-Conductor will require an SAP service user with appropriate access to run Remote Function Calls.

What tasks do you need to perform along with IT-Conductor engineers?
  • Configure IT-Conductor Gateway.

  • Import SAP transports from ITC into systems that are part of the transport landscape.

  • Provision SAP users with ITC custom security role/profile for monitoring and transport automation

  • Provide the customer-specific SAP change management workflow process as input to the ITC transport automation configuration.

  • Any custom integration required such as Single Sign-On and service desk integration (ITSM)

  • Testing

Does transport automation work on customizing, workbench, and transport of copies (TOC) requests?

Yes, transport automation caters to all types of requests.

Will Transport Automation work for mass transport import?

Multiple transports can be bundled in the same request. The maximum number of transports can be customized based on each customer’s requirements.

Do we get any alerts for successful/warning/failed transport over email?

Yes, alerts can be customized as required.

How do we add a recipient list for getting emails for Transport Automation?

A distribution list email from the host email server or a distribution list created in IT-Conductor.

How do we get the history/audit of transports? Who performed the task? When was the task performed?

Transport Automation has a customizable overview dashboard. Every submitted transport can be expanded for detailed information. Furthermore, a transport report can also be generated and sent to a list of recipients.

Is it possible to reimport the transports through Transport Automation?

Yes, all standards SAP transport options are available.

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