SAP Workload Monitoring

Workload Monitoring is an important part of performance management, especially in end-user experience. It provides information about the critical workload data such as response time distribution, memory usage for each transaction, CPU times, workload and transactions used by users, and overall health.

IT-Conductor provides a graphical and detailed view of the system's health. Each chart shows data points that you can click on for more information and performance analytics. Defining thresholds can help the user detect exceptions and generate alerts. When the threshold is breached, notifications are sent to subscribers ahead of time to prevent unexpected incidents that can impact the business.


There are various task types that can be monitored depending on the task of the associated application process. IT-Conductor allows for customizable configuration of monitoring workloads by adding or configuring a retriever to add a specific task type in a particular system.

SAP Workload Types

Background - Monitors the response time of the batch jobs and the transaction steps started by a background work process.

Dialog - Monitors dialog user's activity response time.

HTTP - Monitors the response time of web requests from the ICM based on the corresponding Internet protocols.

RFC - Monitors the response time of the communication between two independent SAP systems or between an external system and an SAP system.

Update - Monitors the response time of the SAP update task.

Performance Overview

This provides a high-level overview of system performance, while the workload overview provides detailed statistical data of a specific task type for the system performance analysis.

Dialog Response Time - Refers to the average response time for dialog transactions.

Front-End Response Time - Measures the time taken for the communication between the frontend (SAP GUI) and SAP application server.

Dialog Users Logged In - Displays the number of dialog users logged into the system within a specific time period.

CPU Utilization - Measures the CPU resource capacity utilized by all the processes and services in the system.

Extended Memory Utilization - Measures extended memory usage that is being used.

Heap Utilization - Displays the heap memory usage.

Overall Service Health

Service Health Monitoring provides all the metrics and status of the entire system. The Workload is a sub-component in the automated monitoring that calculates the overall system's health. This gives an option to simultaneously show all the task types and the response times in graphs.


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