Monitoring Concepts

IT-Conductor Monitoring is built around two concepts: Threshold and Override.


A threshold defines what to monitor, specifying one or more objects and their associated attributes that contain the monitored values. These thresholds are auto-generated by IT-Conductor from templates when you create an SAP instance. Users with the necessary permissions can also create additional thresholds as needed.

For complex scenarios, feel free to reach out for assistance from IT-Conductor Support Team.


Override defines the methodology for monitoring, encompassing threshold values that trigger status changes and alert generation. It includes search criteria used to match a specific monitored object. When a threshold tries to determine what values to use, it selects a single override with the most precise criteria that match the monitored object based on the proximity of the criteria class to the object class and criteria size.

Note: Overrides are created by users for existing thresholds.

See Creating Threshold Overrides for more details.

Alerts and Notifications

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