IT-Conductor Gateway Setup on Windows

The IT-Conductor Gateway enables communication between the customer's site network and the IT-Conductor cloud platform. It must be connected successfully before any private customer systems can be monitored by IT-Conductor.

Installation Instructions

  1. In IT-Conductor, navigate to Support → Downloads → Gateway Downloads.

  1. Download

Note: This requires Windows Server 2008 R2 and later with .NET 4.5 or later.

  1. Run the downloaded file and click Next.

  1. Accept the End User License Agreement and click Next.

  1. Choose the setup type that best suits your needs.

Note: You can only select the installation folder if "Custom" is chosen.

  1. When the installation is complete, tick the "Launch Agent Configuration when Setup exits" checkbox and click Finish.

  1. The Gateway Configuration window will open. You can also start it at any time from Program Menu under "IT-Conductor\Agent\".

  2. In the Connection tab, fill in the following fields:

  • Account ID - This is the Service Account ID.

  • API Key - The API Key for the Service Account will be generated when the Service Account is created.

To obtain the Service Account ID and API Key in IT-Conductor, navigate to Management → Security → Service Accounts.

Then, select the account to display the configuration details, as shown in Figure 7.

  • Agent ID - This is the ID for one of the Gateways created by your administrator earlier.

To obtain the Gateway ID in IT-Conductor, navigate to Management → Resources → Gateways.

  1. Click Test to verify the configuration.

  1. Switch to the Service tab and fill in the following fields:

  • Java Home - Choose the folder containing "Java 8x64 Runtime Environment" or click Install/Update to download the latest JRE from the IT-Conductor platform to the agent folder and set Java Home accordingly.

We recommend using the latest JRE supported by IT-Conductor by using the Install button.


  • For 1st-time installations, the Install button will appear. Else, the Update button will show.

  • Clicking Install will download the JRE from Oracle, so it may take a few minutes (depending on Internet connection speed).

  • It is normal to see the status "IT-Conductor (Not Responding)" while this download and installation occurs.

Once the Installation of JRE is successful, the Java Home will be automatically updated.

  • Java Heap Size - if needed, increase the Java maximum heap size. 500m is the minimum but at least 1000m is recommended.

  1. Click Update Gateway to download the latest version of the Gateway.

  2. When all is completed, click Save and start the Gateway service.

  3. Close the configuration window.

Firewall Configuration (Optional)

If the machine you are installing the Gateway has a Windows Firewall turned on and it is configured to block all outgoing connections by default, you will need to add an exception to allow the IT-Conductor Gateway to connect to the IT-Conductor Cloud Service:

  1. Open Control Panel Windows Firewall configuration.

  2. Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.

  3. Click Allow another app.

  4. Next to the Path field, click Browse and select c:\Program Files\IT-Conductor\Agent\bin\ITCAgent.exe.

  5. Click Network Types to select the networks.

  6. Click Add. Then click OK to complete the configuration.

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