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Creating Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists are collections of e-mail or SMS addresses that can be used for notifying people not registered in IT-Conductor as users. Distribution Lists can be used as targets for notification subscriptions.

How to Create a Distribution List

1. In the IT-Conductor main menu, navigate to Management > Notification > Distribution Lists.
Figure 1: IT-Conductor Management Menu
2. Click on the "Create New Distribution List" tool.
3. Supply the necessary information and click the
to complete the process.
Figure 3: Create a New Distribution List
4. A pop-up message will confirm that the Distribution List has been created. Click OK to dismiss.
Figure 4: Distribution List Created Successfully
5. Once the new distribution list appears, click on the name of the Distribution List to edit.
Figure 5: Distribution Lists
6. Click the "@" icon to edit the notification addresses.
Figure 6: Modify the Notification Address Icon
7. Click the
to add a new target.
Figure 7: Add a New Target Icon
8. Fill in the values and select the appropriate Provider (SMTP/SMS or custom if configured). Click the
to save.
Figure 8: Provider Information
9. A pop-up message will confirm that the Notification Target has been created. Click OK to dismiss.
Figure 9: Notification Target Created Successfully
10. The new target will show up in the list. Repeat the last step to add more targets.
Figure 10: Distribution List Members