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SAP Host Agent Monitoring

In the standard SAP environment, SAP Host Agent is used for monitoring operating systems, databases, system instance control, and SAP applications. In IT-Conductor, SAP Host Agent monitoring is used to provide an additional layer of monitoring to cover monitoring services like Access Points, Enqueue/Locks, Process States including message servers, web dispatcher, gateway, and more.
We can easily monitor the status and availability of the services and applications in real time to determine if the system and its components are up and running and get notified in case of any failure. The state and the status for both the App Server and Host Agent level are also available; this allows for checking the availability of the database and the application server.

How to Monitor Services in SAP Host Agent

IT-Conductor automatically associates SAP infrastructure components to make accessing monitoring information easier through the service grid
1. Navigate to SAP System Service Grid.
Figure 1: Accessing SAP System in the Service Grid
2. Expand the Application Servers branch, this will reveal the Host Agent Instance associated with the Application Server, expanding Host Agent further will display various subsystems such as Access Points, Enqueue, ICM, and Processes.
Figure 2: Sample of Monitoring Services
  • is disabledthe Access points - are composed of host and port information for the HTTPS protocol. This is being used to check and discover if the access port is active (Collection is disable by default.).
  • Enqueue - also known as the Lock server, an SAP system component that manages the Lock Tables. The table is locked to prevent different modifications of records at the same time and ensure data consistency.
  • Process States - tells the status of whether the service is doing something or not. Since this is a central services server, different servers such as messaging, disp+work, and gateway servers are available.
This shows that the host being monitored underneath this infrastructure is automatically associated so that you can get the details of the actual operating system performance. All these services are being monitored automatically.