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WMI Namespace Access

How to Configure WMI Namespace Access

WMI Namespace access configuration is not supported in the Domain Group Policy and has to be configured on each monitored machine.
1. From the Computer Management console, expand Services and Applications.
2. Right-click on WMI Control and click Properties to access WMI configuration.
Figure 1: WMI Control Properties
3. Open the Security tab and select the CIMV2 namespace.
4. Click on Security to choose which user or group will be granted access.
Figure 2: WMI Control Properties - Security Tab
5. In the Security dialog box, click Add.
6. In the Select Users, Computers, or Groups dialog box, enter the object's name (user or group) you want to add and click OK.
7. Click Advanced to open the Advanced Security Settings dialog box.
Figure 3: Advanced Security Settings
8. In the Permissions tab, select the desired user from the Permissions entries and click Edit.
Figure 4: Advanced Security Settings - Permissions Tab
9. Set the following details:
  • Type - Set to "Allow".
  • Applies to - Set to "This namespace and subnamespaces".
  • Permissions - tick the "Execute Methods", "Enable Account", and "Remote Enable".
Figure 5: Permission Entry
10. Click OK to close all windows and apply the changed settings.
Note: See Authorize WMI users and set permissions for more details.