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Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode (MM) applies to many IT-Conductor components and is used to temporarily disable the component functionalities.
When a monitored system is placed in MM, monitoring of all system components is suspended. A planned outage is the primary intended use for placing monitored systems in MM.
  • System Availability Monitoring - the calculation of availability excludes the time interval the system is in MM. Thus, there is no impact on SLO/SLA attainment.
Maintenance Mode is propagated down the service tree—meaning if a Site is put in MM, all applications in the site will also go into MM, conversely, if any service tree element is put in MM all its children are also put in MM.
  • When IT-Conductor Gateway (GW) is put in MM, due to the fact that monitoring systems are assigned and handled by a specific GW, all systems assigned to that GW are also put in MM.
  • When Threshold Overrides are put in MM, they are effectively disabled.
  • When Schedules are put in MM, all schedules are suspended.
  • When Object Templates are put in MM, template triggering is suspended.
  • When User, Group, or Role is put in MM, notifications are not sent to recipients.

Initiating Maintenance Mode

There are several ways to initiate MM for an object:
  • Manual - if an object supports MM, you should see an MM tool icon or Maintenance On object menu item. Starting MM manually is recorded in Audit-trail and lasts indefinitely until the object is taken out of MM (manually or automatically).
  • Scheduled - Systems can be assigned a Maintenance Schedule. When the schedule is "On", the system is put in MM. When the schedule is "Off", the system is taken out of MM.
Warning: When the Maintenance Schedule is assigned, any manual or derived MM is ignored and overwritten.
  • Event-based - Service tree elements can have Maintenance Event(s) associated with them to have it placed in MM and taken out of MM at certain times in the future. To do so, click on the service "Events" tool or choose the "Events" object menu item. This will pop up a list of assigned events. To create a new one, maximize the popup and click on the "Maintenance Event" tool icon which will initiate a wizard for creating the event, prompting the start and end time. You can delete or terminate the ongoing event at any time, which will also take the object out of MM.