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Running IT-Conductor Gateway from Command Line


If the IT-Conductor Gateway encounters a problem when starting from the IT-Conductor Gateway GUI, or when the service won't run with errors such as Error 1067 or Service Start Error, perform the troubleshooting guide discussed below.
Figure 1: Error 1067 Message
Figure 2: Service Start Error


  1. 1.
    Make sure to check that the IT-Conductor Gateway can test connect successfully by launching IT-Conductor Gateway.
Figure 3: Gateway Configuration (Windows)
Figure 4: IT-Conductor Connection Test
  1. 2.
    If a successful connection was tested, run the IT-Conductor Gateway in manual command line mode to troubleshoot any error messages further.
  • cd <ITC Gateway Installation Directory> (e.g. cd C:\program files\it-conductor\agent)
  • Start the gateway: jre\bin\java -Xmx1000m -Ditconductor.diag=true -jar lib\Gateway.jar
  • Navigate to Management > Resources > Gateways and check the Gateway logs to verify if it runs successfully or is still with errors.
  • Check Heartbeat Age which should be small (in seconds) if connected and working. If not, check the logs and report the issue to the Support Team.
Figure 5: Gateway Log Icon