Inconsistencies found in the table TADIR


  • Objects are not assigned to packages, resulting in program errors

  • Failures during Support Packs and Upgrades application using SAP's Software Update Manager

  • General missing objects in TADIR


  • All SAP Systems


  • Transports and 3rd-party updates were imported only into production, not the sandbox

  • Differences in transported objects between systems after system refresh


  1. Perform a remote comparison of transports between systems with valid RFC connections using either of the following methods:

Manual Delta Calculation

If you want to calculate the delta of transport requests manually, you need to log in to QAS and PRD systems and save the content of the E070, and E071 tables (which would contain data about all imported transport requests). Our delta would be the difference between PRD and QAS systems, of <SID>K* transports.

Delta Calculation with ST-OST Add-on for Solution Manager

Before using this scenario you need to perform the initial configuration of it, according to the ST-OST configuration guide.

After completing the configuration, a new task list variant will be generated for one of your cycles. Subsequently, you'll need to create a dedicated cycle specifically for refreshing systems within, without any other intended use.

  1. Add the calculated transport requests to the import buffer of the refreshed system using either of the following methods:

Individual Import

a. Run transaction STMS in the QAS system.

b. Select the import buffer of the system and add transport requests by navigating to Extras > Other Requests, then click Add.

Mass Redirect from PRD System

a. Run transaction STMS in the PRD system.

b. Select the import buffer of PRD and transport requests that need to be added using the F9 key.

c. Navigate to Request > Forward, then select System (Ctrl + F12):

  1. Run manual import for the delta transports.

To avoid the import of preliminary transports, delta import should be done manually in STMS:

After the import double-check that delta transport requests were not added to the next system of the landscape (PRD). If they are added, you can manually delete them from TMS.

The tables TRDIR and TADIR in SAP are relevant for managing component versions and ensuring compliance in your system. Both tables store information about software components, but they serve slightly different purposes:

TRDIR (Transport Directory)

  • Stores information about individual transport requests.

  • Tracks the changes made to components by each transport request.

  • Contains details like the request type, creation date, owner, and status.

  • Useful for tracing the history of changes made to specific components.

TADIR (Transport Directory: Component Levels)

  • Stores information about the current versions of components installed in your system.

  • Provides an overview of which components are at which version level.

  • Helps ensure that all systems in your landscape are at the same level for critical components.

  • Useful for compliance purposes and system stability.

Compliance with Component Levels

SAP systems require components to be at specific versions to comply with regulations, internal policies, or simply for optimal performance and functionality. You can use TADIR to:

  • Identify components that are not at the required version level.

  • Analyze dependencies between components to ensure compatibility when upgrading.

  • Schedule and track the rollout of new component versions across your systems.

Important: To maintain consistency of the TADIR table data, it is important to verify the identity of software components and the delta import during system refresh. Occasionally, direct intervention within TRDIR or TADIR becomes necessary to address intricate upgrade or support package issues. However, caution is advised: refrain from making modifications unless well-versed, as improper adjustments may lead to system instability. In such cases, it's advisable to seek guidance by contacting SAP support.

In some cases, inconsistencies between TRDIR and TADIR might happen (mainly during upgrades). Transaction STDR can be used to check consistency:

Note: Before using these tasks, you need to ensure that the software components are identical and that the delta is imported after a system refresh.

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