Component CRM_MIDDLEWA_CRM - CRM Middleware Configuration


  • After System Landscape Copy is performed in a CRM landscape, the SITE ID values in CRMM_BUT_CRMOBJ and SMOHSITEID do not match.

  • When business partner changes are loaded from CRM to ECC, the system sends a full update rather than just a modification, even though the BP exists on both systems.


  • SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • SAP enhancement package for SAP CRM

  • SAP enhancement package for SAP CRM, version for SAP HANA


  • SID-Refresh™-1.4.0 includes table SMOHSITEID among the list of tables to be exported and imported. If the target systems of the system copy use different GUID values than the source system, there will be a mismatch between tables CRMM_BUT_CRMOBJ and SMOHSITEID. As a result, when subsequent loads of Business Partner data changes are sent to the ECC, all the BP data will be sent instead of just the field that has been modified. This is because FM "BUPA_OUTBOUND_GET_MAIN checks the state of a BP by comparing the values in CRMM_BUT_CRMOBJ and SMOHSITEID. This will not lead to data inconsistency but may cause an unnecessary overhead due to the extra volume of data being sent.


  • Do not select table SMOHSITEID for export and import during system copy unless it is intended that the target systems use the same site ID values as the source systems.

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