Troubleshooting Guide

This section includes a list of common issues, their symptoms, what environments are affected, what are the possible causes, and how to resolve them. Kindly read through to find out how you can solve the errors you may have encountered while using SID-Refresh.

Quick Reference

Collecting Diagnosis for Support Team

To help SID-Refresh Support Team analyze and diagnose problems with your system, you can collect a range of diagnosis information from your system into a zip file.

  1. Launch SID-Refresh in GUI mode.

  2. Select the directory containing the export/import files.

  3. Click Diag to start the diagnosis.

  4. After the diagnosis process is completed, you will see information about the created file.

  5. You can download the collection of the diagnosis files (ZIP-archive having file name pattern (SID-Refresh_infodump_<yyyy>-<mm>-<dd>_<hh>-<mm-<ss>.zip) and e-mail us at:

Download the SID-Refresh User Guide for a more detailed guide on how to use the tool.

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