LMDB Discovery

Landscape Management Database (LMDB) is an integral component of SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) that provides access to all landscape-related information. LMDB Discovery is a faster and more comprehensive way of discovering all customer landscape components and creating placeholders for systems to be monitored on IT-Conductor.

You can click on any of the LMDB-discovered components to launch an appropriate configuration wizard that will have the fields pre-populated as much as possible. It also periodically rescans the customer landscape for the creation/synchronization of service hierarchy and dependencies.

This process is useful during the onboarding of new/existing customer systems, export of landscape inventory data, migration assessment, hint, etc.

Note: It is recommended that customers standardize the monitoring accounts and roles across the landscape so that monitoring configuration can be streamlined.

Configure SAP System and Components Based on LMDB Objects

For demo purposes, we used our demo environment OZSoft (Tenant).

  1. Setup SolMan in IT-Conductor by following the steps described in the respective user guides:

  1. Import the transport for IT-Conductor LMDB Function Modules into SolMan to enable the extraction of LMDB tables.

  2. Explore SAP Landscape.

  • Allow a few minutes for the discovery of all SAP systems in your landscape to complete. An "SAP Landscape" container should show on the top level of the service grid.

  • Open the Object Menu of any of the discovered systems and click Configure SAP System.

Note: For systems that are already monitored by IT-Conductor, the Monitoring icon shows under the grid of that application. This is automatically detected and linked to the SAP Landscape by IT-Conductor discovery rule.

  • The report of the entire landscape is available at the top of the SAP Landscape and it shows details like the System host, DB component, CPU and Memory capacity, etc.

  1. Follow the steps in the wizard to complete the setup of the system.

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