Windows System Monitoring

Monitoring physical servers and virtual machines (VMs) running the Windows Operating System (OS) involves monitoring the availability and performance metrics such as CPU, memory, and disk utilization. It is crucial to have monitoring in place to ensure that systems and applications running on these servers and VMs are healthy and running without problems.

After a windows system has been successfully registered in IT-Conductor for monitoring, you will be able to view the Availability, Available Memory, CPU, and Disk or Filesystem utilizations from the Service Grid.


Availability Monitoring

Monitoring the availability of Windows systems measures server or VM uptime over a specified period of time. In IT-Conductor, you can easily see the availability of a system by looking at the system grid (See Figure 1). Availability is showing as GREEN which indicates that the system is available. Otherwise, it will show as RED and the 100% availability will change to 0.00%.

You can also utilize the Availability Chart to see the historical availability data per system. This is helpful in scenarios where you want to investigate issues related to system availability at a certain point in time.

Processor Time

CPU Utilization is a key metric in monitoring the performance of a Windows system. It indicates how much processing power is being utilized. The higher the CPU utilization, the more work is being done by the system and the greater the potential for system instability which is why it's important to track CPU usage. In the Processor Time Chart below, you can see the variations in utilization over a certain period of time.

Peak Processor Time

In the Peak Processor Time Chart below, you should be able to see the highest utilization recorded at a specific point in time. This chart is useful in situations where you want to investigate why applications are slowing down. If you happen to notice that the data points are constantly above the thresholds you initially set, it’s about time to plan and upgrade the processor.

Available Memory

Memory utilization is a metric that indicates how much memory is being utilized by all the running services and applications in a server. In IT-Conductor, the available memory and committed memory in use are also seen from the service grid (See Figure 1). If you want to dig deeper and investigate, you can utilize the Available Memory and Committed Memory In Use Charts as seen below.

Committed Memory In Use

File Systems Free Space

Disk utilization is the amount of disk space that is currently being used. Free space is simply the amount of disk space left for use. In IT-Conductor, it is represented in percentage (%) and in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB).

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