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URL Monitoring Locations

This document describes how to setup URL monitoring in IT-Conductor
1. In the IT-Conductor main menu, navigate to Dashboards > Administrator.
Figure 1: IT-Conductor Dashboards Menu
2. In the Administrator dashboard, locate and click URL Monitoring Locations.
Figure 2: URL Monitoring Locations
3. Click
Figure 3: Create New URL Monitoring Location
4. Fill out the form and click
after providing the details.
Figure 4: Create URL Monitoring Location Form
5. A new URL Monitoring location with the "Initial" status will be created. Click on the "HTTP Probes" tool.
6. You will be redirected to the HTTP Probes window. Click
Figure 5: Create Probe
7. Fill out the form and click
after providing the details.
Figure 6: Create HTTP Availability Probe Form
8. Wait for the HTTP Probe status to turn to "Waiting" and click the back button to return to the URL Monitoring Locations window.
Figure 7a: List of HTTP Probes Showing Waiting Status
9. The created Monitoring Location should be in the "In-Progress" status to be active
Figure 7b: List of HTTP Probes Showing In-Progress Status
10. From the Monitoring Service Grid, you should see the URL monitored with its corresponding Availability, Response Time, and Status code:
Figure 8: Monitored URL in IT-Conductor Service Grid