SAP System Monitoring

Managing the operating systems, databases, and SAP applications can be tedious and time-consuming. Monitoring too many systems, servers, and applications can result in oversights in data that can result in service disruption and lead to a significant loss in the business. An ideal monitoring plan should be taken into consideration to ensure the healthy status of the environment. A checklist is a long list of things that must be monitored regularly and manually to guarantee that the business is running optimally.

Having service management that can guarantee daily seamless performance of the SAP environment is an exceptional help to businesses, customers, and other stakeholders. Since the SAP world is changing quickly, it's not easy to manage the growing demands of different environments. With all the possible struggles in manual monitoring, automation is the best solution in reducing the manual effort of the team doing daily spot checks and mainly in preventing downtime and outages that can affect the whole business.

IT-Conductor's Approach to Automation

IT-Conductor is an enterprise-grade IT/SAP Service Management solution in the Cloud providing End-User Experience Monitoring, App & Infrastructure Monitoring, Impact Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Notification, and IT Process Automation.

IT-Conductor does all the work using cloud-based automation. The platform is capable of discovering and displaying features in a hierarchical view where you can drill up and down the components making up your entire system landscape. With a few clicks and a few minutes, you can monitor your SAP systems. It can track critical applications' availability and performance metrics, send alerts in case of performance issues, and generate performance analysis reports.

Monitoring the system's availability is considered the most basic need in monitoring. The system's availability is vital to ensure that the application, service, or infrastructure component is operational. Performance monitoring consists of the key performance indicators (KPIs) such as CPU/memory/disk utilization, response times, and more are need to be tracked and managed. IT-Conductor provides a flexible approach using detailed graphs and charts with data points that you can click for more information and performance analytics.

Having lots of data to analyze would be challenging to diagnose when an issue occurs. Defining thresholds for important metrics can help the user to detect exceptions and generate alerts. When the threshold is breached, getting notified of all performance issues will help faster troubleshooting before affecting end-users. IT-Conductor sends out alert notifications via email or SMS provided that the user has subscribed to receive notifications to a particular service. This enables the administrators to find the origin of the problem quickly.

Pinpointing and resolving performance issues are more effective and efficient when all the data/metrics required in troubleshooting are time-synchronized. Correlation plays a considerable part in troubleshooting and finding the root cause of the problem. The IT-Conductor platform displays the visual and statistical correlation of data that can help provide valuable information and comparisons between different periods (hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly) can make troubleshooting and root-cause analysis easier.

IT-Conductor lets you define the monitoring capabilities of your system. You can decide what component you want to prioritize in receiving the warnings/alerts. You can choose which particular condition requires daily checks and notifications. You also can add a role-based subscription to determine who should get notified on what's being impacted.

IT-Conductor has the capacity to monitor your system's overall health through Service Health. This is the combination of the graphical and detailed view of Availability, Performance, Alerts, and Analytics. Ensuring your SAP Systems are running uninterrupted is critical to your business. Monitoring an SAP system can consume several hours a day, and in unexpected cases, issues can occur out of business hours. That's why IT-Conductor offers the real-time monitoring for continuous checking of the system, looking for signs of the potential problem, and sending alerts before impacting the business.


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