Configuring IT-Conductor Alerts


An alert is a notification informing users that an important event has occurred. It plays an important role in maintaining the system uptime and can be used to prevent delays in processing critical situations. The situations can be so critical that action must be taken immediately to resolve the issue.

In IT-Conductor, there is a generic way of configuring alerts. The same steps can be followed in turning on alerts on any metric.

How to Configure IT-Conductor Alerts

  1. In the IT-Conductor dashboard, click on the operating system available and choose where you want the alert to be configured. Click on any of the Metric Object Menu and select Overrides.

2. Click on Overrides, if available.

Or create a new override from a template if it doesn’t exist.

3. Check that Thresholds are defined as required and Alert based on desired severity - None, Warning, and Alarm. Use the “Repeat After” option to generate an alert after the specified interval as long as the severity stays relevant.

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